Brice James


I photograph spaces that define the landscape within the city of Inglewood intending to evoke a feeling of this urban environment.

I print onto newsprint and wheat paste the images onto discarded cardboard bundles found amongst these spaces I photograph located in the back of stores, alleys, front yards, etc.

The act of wheat pasting these images aligns with the provisional and ultimately discarded nature of this array of advertisements and newspaper imagery that speeds across the landscape, always erasing itself to make way for ever more imagery.

The combinatory use of the readymade and handmade is an important aspect of my work as I’d like to reconsider the idea of beauty within the art object

Pictures tend to stimulate/simulate a feeling of the real world when made out of the real world. (Rauschenberg) 

To relay the feeling of casually bicycling and finding the myriad of images put into the world such as ads, graffiti, stickers, posters, packages, etc. I bring it into the gallery space with the physical objects and depictions themselves.

Background work by Nicola Florimbi

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