Brice James


A collection of clothes and a 24 page zine inspired by my 1930s apartment building In Ktown. All proceeds from the items were donated to Ktown for All and Urban Partners LA.

 Model: Brice James         Photographer: Sebastian Rodriguez 

Ahh Brown Bear 

Nods to Kelly. 

If you want a special friend, I'll share mine. 


A dream I had sometime last summer, inspired by a diagram created by neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield. A diagram depicting a small humanoid figure that’s built in proportion to the sensitivity of the body. Penfield also created the Montreal procedure which is open head surgery to pinpoint what parts of the brain control what. The procedure was mainly used to cure epilepsy causing seizures. During this, Penfield would do tests by poking at different parts of the brain and see what stimulates what, and when something doesn’t match that’s where he knew the wiring of the brain is messed up. That’s the part I don’t so much understand. While researching, I found that during a procedure a patient stimulated a memory reciting “it is late at night, around the carnival somewhere some sort of traveling circus” It wasn’t a memory but as if he relived this exact experience at some carnival once again. 

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